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Accelerating to Practice

Accelerating to Practice™ is a program developed by the National League for Nursing (NLN) and Laerdal Medical.

Accelerating to Practice™ is a program developed by the National League for Nursing (NLN) and Laerdal Medical to improve the preparedness of new nurses as they enter practice, while supporting professional nurse educators, managers, and preceptors in their efforts to provide high quality orientation programs. If you are interested in growing your onboarding efforts, Accelerating to Practice can provide you with the structure, resources, and performance feedback necessary to achieve consistent, reliable results.

Accelerating to Practice is the only commercially available program which uses simulation-based training across three interactive learning modalities (virtual simulation, interactive video practice and hands-on practice) to engage learners.  Accelerating to Practice provides you analytics derived from 80 observable performance measures which statistically reveal strengths and weaknesses of individual learners and across designated groups.  Accelerating to Practice also meets fundamental criteria for learner engagement, relevance, efficiency, metrics, and sustainability. 

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How can Accelerating to Practice help?

Accelerating to Practice affords you sustainability across the spectrum of consulting, training services, and product installation. Accelerating to Practice will help you assess your current orientation process, including:

  • How your program can incorporate Accelerating to Practice’s educational modalities;
  • How your staff can implement simulation; and
  • How ready your organization is for building a high-quality orientation program

Accelerating to Practice Consulting services consist of regular contacts (Pulse Checks) by Accelerating to Practice staff to provide guidance on:

  • How best to use educational modalities;
  • How to optimize integration of resources into the orientation program; and
  • How it can best support program sustainability and quality

For institutions that lack simulation capabilities, Accelerating to Practice consulting services can make simulation available on a temporary “mobile simulation lab” basis.

Curriculum and learning methods that work

The Accelerating to Practice Curriculum combines multiple modalities to create a blended learning model that affords participants several advantages. Participants can pursue learning assignments asynchronously, allowing learners scheduling flexibility. Participants can also pursue those activities multiple times, allowing learners to build their knowledge through deliberate practice. Using blended learning will allow participant engagement across multiple learning styles, creating a more inclusive learning environment.


Simulation ties it all together, providing new nurses the chance to apply newly learned concepts in a contextual and save environment. Each simulation is transformative in nature and affords nurse educators and preceptors the chance to use Observable Performance Measures as a means to measure, assess, and coach new nurses during their progress.

Practice XYZ

A multi-step learning platform developed through National Science Foundation grants, Practice helps learners develop and hone their skills by using video to engage with the key components of effective face-to-face instruction.